Owner, Founder

Tamryn Storm Hawker

Licensed Acupuncturist + Herbalist

Herbal medicine has always been a personal passion. More recently, my passion has grown into an ambition to bring the healing power and elegance of herbal medicine to my community, far and wide! 

The magic of herbs changed my life, helping to heal me from chronic illness and inspiring my focus professionally. I got my Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, graduating Summa Cum Laude from Dongguk University, and deepening my studies in herbal medicine and acupuncture in Beijing, China. I combine my degree in Holistic Nutrition and Complementary Medicine to bring herbs into the homes of my patients, and I hope, into yours!

More than ever, the foundations of health need to be addressed in our society. Traditional Herbal Medicine is one of the most effective and poignant systems of holistic care, drawing on millennia of experience and empirical knowledge to support the ever present human potential to move toward balance and health.

I am so pleased to be able to foster a partnership between your body and these wonderful herbs!

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We offer free composting of your COMPO pods! Simply send your compostable pods and any other compostable materials to our Manufacturing and Sustainability partner Single Serve Co. and we will turn your items into nourishment for the Earth!


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